July 31st, 2021


Swan Shadow - Tneder

Nautor’s Swan takes a historic step by introducing the Shadow, a motor boat that visibly preserves the elegant lines of its famous sailboats. This day cruiser that seems to be called to be one of the favorite tender in the world of megayachts, has already been put into production.


Shipyards are certainly thinking about how to conquer new market shares right now. The hottest news at the beginning of 2021 is the arrival in the world of motorboats of Nautor’s Swan, a shipyard known worldwide for its sailboats. Swan Shadow, 13 meters, is the name of the new motorboat from Nautor’s SwanAnd don’t just call it a tender: this is a motorboat for a thousand different uses. That’s why.

“We resisted so many years,” says Leonardo Ferragamo, president of Nautor’s Swan, “the temptation to make a motorboat. Then we realized that we could transmit the same values of Swan also in this project: elegance, performance, innovation, and reliability.”

Swan Shadow, Nautor’s Swan’s first powerboat

If boating itself is already a niche, sailboats are only a small part of this great little world. The big part of the business is in motorboating. This is an important opportunity for a prestigious shipyard like Swan to get new customers. At the same time, owners of large sailing yachts are often accompanied by the latest generation of tenders, which are not necessarily on board.

The result is the Swan Shadow, a 55-knot thoroughbred designed as a classy tender or day cruiser, but also as a fishing boat. It is known that today the line between these various types of boats has become increasingly thin. In fact, with the double cabin below deck and another optional cabin, with a separate bathroom, this 13 meters is able to accommodate on board a couple for a weekend with the family. However, by changing the deck layout, it can be transformed into a boat ideal for a day at sea or, indeed, even a fisherman.

The design is by Jarkko Jämsén with Roy Capasso as project leader and commercial director of Swan Shadow.

Swan Shadow, a modular boat

One of the strengths of the new Swan Shadow is its ability to change as needed. From a support tender for a racing sailboat to a fisherman, as in the photo below. In short, a boat for all tastes. The boat is a walk-around, but “double”. This is due to the presence of the outboards surrounded by a platform that makes the boat easy to walk around, even when boarding from the stern.

Tender, day cruiser, support boat, fisherman, and even “limo-tender”. All this combined with the clean and elegant line that has made the Nautor’s Swan shipyard famous all over the world.

The hull has a double redan and has been studied with the contribution of CFD technology to bring the maximum performance. It starts from a triple 225 horsepower engine and goes up to 3 outboard engines of 350 horsepower. Maximum speed? 55 knots. The Swan Shadow debuts on the market with all the cards in order to conquer a wide audience of owners, from the world of sailing, but not only.

Schedule technical boat

Swan Shadow

LOA: 13.23 m

B.max: 4.3 m

Draft: 0.86 m

Engines: Up to 3×350 hp outboards

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