August 2nd, 2021

Azimut Benetti continues to be the top producer of super yachts in the world: 3,521 metres of luxury yachts and 100 designs

Azimut Benetti

For the 21st year Azimut Benetti Group confirmed, according to the Global Order Book 2021, it is the top producer in the world of super yachts, with a total length of 3,521 metres and 100 designs, statistics far higher than any of the other industry players.

The Azimut Benetti Group is the top producer in the world of super yachts and is at the top of the Global Order Book 2021, the special list published every year by Boat International Media. For those less technical, imagine placing the built and under construction megayachts, one behind the other, bow to stern. In the case of Azimut Benetti the length reached would be 3,521 metres, for an overall number of 100 designs.

For the 21st year in a row, the Group belonging to Paolo and Giovanna Vitelli, confirmed itself, according to the Global Order Book 2021, to be the top producer in the world of super yachts, with numbers far higher than any of the other industry players. In second place is another Italian company, Sanlorenzo, with 3,089 metres and 86 designs.

Credits: Boat International Media Limited

An award which is certainly nothing new in the Vitelli home, seeing as they have received it for 21 years. But this year, the recognition takes on a special meaning, considering the difficulties and obstacles that the boating industry, like the entire business world, has had to face over these last 12 months marked by the pandemic.

With this in mind, it is important to remember not only the timeliness and effectiveness of the Group’s response to this complex moment, but above all the determination with which the company kept stable and unchanged their investments for the development of new products, as told to us by Giovanna Vitelli in this interview with Liguria Nautica.

A choice that has been repaid by the arrival on the market of models that even before touching the water were appreciated by clients and were purchased, “on paper”, like in the case of the Oasis 40M by Benetti, which sold 12 units in just 2 months, and of the  Trideck by Azimut Yachts, which has already sold 5 units even before being officially presented.

Great success has also been achieved by Benetti in aluminium and steel products, with particular reference to the categories B.YONDB.NOW and Custom. In addition to the recent sales of two B.Yond 37M and three B.Now 50M, there are, under construction in the Benetti shipyard in Livorno, 6 custom yachts with steel hulls of over 160 metres in length.

Lastly, from a geographical point of view, it has been shown how crucial Azimut Benetti’s presence has been in the areas with the most sales of super yachts, like the United States, where the Group has for years been a market leader, and in those that are particularly promising, like the countries of South East Asia.

We are dedicating this win – said Giovanna Vitelli, executive vice president of the Group – to all the people in our company and to our clients, whose trust in us makes us feel grateful and honoured. We are expecting a challenging season, which we have, however, already begun in the best way possible, with an already consistent order portfolio: 80% for Benetti and 60% for Azimut Yachts, and 9 products in the pipeline which will be shared with the market over the next 10 months.

Fuente: Liguria Náutica

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