July 31st, 2021

33m yacht ROCK XL added to ROCK series by Vripack

Rock XL Superyacht

Following in the footsteps of their 25-metre explorer ROCK, Vripack has expanded its design series to include the 33m ROCK XL and 42m BIG ROCK.


“The original ROCK is now owned by a Swiss client who gets heavy use out of the yacht,” says Vripack designer Robin de Vries. “They are on board for six months of the year and treat it as their home at sea. The bonus for us is that all of the owner’s feedback that we receive is implemented in the subsequent designs and build.”

Vripack was able to expand the living spaces onboard ROCK XL by 50% compared to the original design. The additional 9 metres of length also enabled the expansion of the sky deck, which sports a newly designed pool and lounge area.

At 265 GT, the ROCK XL provides ample space for storage of tenders and toys in addition to expanded guest spaces. The ROCK XL will also sport an onboard lithium battery pack, which will benefit the yacht design from an ecological perspective while also eliminating nighttime engine noise.

Fuente: Super Yacht Times

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