August 2nd, 2021

Sharrow MX-2™ © Sharrow Marine

The highest rake Sharrow Prop. Custom-made for your boat . CNC machined from premium stainless steel. Outboards and Sterndrives 100 HP – 450 HP motors.


The award-winning Sharrow MX-2™ is the newest addition to the Sharrow MX™ line-up! It is the highest rake Sharrow Propeller available. Each Sharrow MX-2™ is custom configured and made-to-order for your vessel from our premium quality stainless steel alloy. Each propeller is expertly CNC machined and LAB finished. The Sharrow MX-2™ is available in both right-hand and left-hand configurations and fits most outboard and sterndrive motors between 100-450 HP between 14.5-inch to 17.5 inches in diameter. Hub inserts are included in your purchase.

The Sharrow MX-2™ has all the incredible handling and efficiency advantages of the Sharrow MX-1™, while also adding exceptional bow lift, incredible hole-shot, and more responsive ride. And just like the Sharrow MX-1™, you can keep the boat on plane at lower speeds when compared to standard propellers.

Sharrow MX-2™ - photo © Sharrow Marine

After your purchase, an application engineer will contact you for your boat/motor information, and guide you through the configuration process for your boat.

The Sharrow MX-2™ comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against any manufacturing flaws or defects and 12-months of the Sharrow Care™ Protection Plan which covers repairs and service in the event of damage during normal operational use.

Additional Sharrow Care Protection Plan options are available for purchase within thirty (30) days of your delivery date and can extend your Sharrow Care™ in 12-month increments, for coverage up to 36 months for a total of 4 years of propeller protection.

Source: Power Boat World

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